Glossary Reply

Updated: 4/14/2014

  • Electronic
    Relating to technology having electrical, digital, magnetic, wireless, optical, electromagnetic, or similar capabilities.
  • Electronic Notary / eNotary
    A notary public who notarizes documents electronically.
  • Electronic Record / eRecord
    A record created, generated, sent, communicated, received, or stored by electronic means.
  • Electronic Signature / eSignature
    An electronic sound, symbol, or process attached to or logically associated with a record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.

    • Simple
      Any signature method that does not employ technology to increase the security, authenticity, or evidentiary value of a signature. For example, a scanned image of a handwritten signature, a password or PIN, a button click or key press (such as “OK” or Enter), or a mark or symbol (such as an “X”) indicating the intent to sign.
    • Secure
      Uses technology to link the electronic signature to a specific individual or device. Examples include thumbprints or retina scans, comparison of signature characteristics with a stored sample, or a signing pad which captures and securely inserts the signature into the content of the document.
    • Digital
      Uses a digital certificate process, with a private key to sign and encrypt the document and a public key to unencrypt and authenticate the signature. A trusted third party verifies facts about the signer’s identity and issues the digital certificate to that signer.
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
    The basis for the digital signature today. PKI provides each user with a pair of keys, a private key and a public key, used in every signed transaction. The private key is not shared and is used only by the signer to electronically sign documents. The public key is openly available and used by those that need to validate the signer’s electronic signature.
  • Record
    Information inscribed on a tangible medium or stored in an electronic or other medium and retrievable in perceivable form.

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