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Updated: 4/15/2014

Electronic Signature and Records Materials

Standards for Electronic Signatures in Electronic Student Loan Transactions, U.S. Dept. of Education (2001)

Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (2000) (Wikipedia)

Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (1999) (Wikipedia)

Government Paperwork Elimination Act (1998)

SPeRS Standards Summary
(For more information regarding SPeRS, see:

by Jeremiah S. Buckley and Margo H.K. Tank (Counsel to ESRA), R. David Whitaker (ESRA Member) and John P. Kromer

Electronic Signatures and Records Under ESIGN, UETA and SPeRS
by Jerry Buckley and Margo Tank of BuckleySandler LLP, counsel to ESRA

ESRA, MISMO and ALTA Release eNote White Paper white-paper
The Mortgage Bankers Association data standards subsidiary (MISMO), the American Land Title Association (ALTA), and ESRA released an important white paper on November 24 entitled: “Case Closed: eNotes Are Legal – An Analysis of eNote Enforceability Nationwide.” The white paper addresses the legality of electronically-signed promissory notes, commonly referred to as eNotes, which are central to the eMortgage process.