Executive Q&A with ESRA’s 2014 Chairman Reply

This morning Progress in Lending published its recent interview with Bill Brice, 2014 Chairman of ESRA and CEO of AlphaTrust.  His expertise is showcased along with ESRA’s overall thought leadership in advocating the continued advancement of electronic signatures and records.

Executive Spotlight: Bill Brice of AlphaTrust Corp. and ESRA

For years, e-signature technology was hyped as the future of the financial services industry. It appears that the future has arrived, as e-signatures are becoming an industry standard. To explain the current state of e-signature solutions, we spoke with Bill Brice…

Read the full Executive Spotlight interview by Phil Hall.

CFPB Mortgage eClosing Pilot To Include ESRA Members 1

ESRA member organizations, DocMagic and eLynx, have been selected by the CFPB to participate in its upcoming Mortgage eClosing Pilot program to help the Bureau assess the benefits of electronic mortgage closings

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) today announced the selection of participants for its mortgage eClosing pilot program. The three-month pilot will begin later this year, and will explore how the increased use of technology during the mortgage closing process could affect consumer understanding and engagement and save time and money for consumers, lenders, and other market participants.  Read more…