ESRA – A New Look; A Renewed Focus Reply

Today we are officially announcing the updated brand of the Electronic Signature & Records Association to reflect our renewed spirit and action.  Our updated brand capitalizes on the strength and power of our acronym, ESRA.

The letters E-S-R-A embody our identity as the premier global trade association focused on the advancement of electronic signatures and records.  We are recognized by the public, businesses and government alike simply as ESRA. Therefore, our new logo puts it in the spotlight making the most out of ESRA’s solid reputation.


Our new logo, a simple “ESRA box” on the left with the full association name on the right, is intended to convey a business aspect without being overly techie.  This professional design connects the modern electronic elements with a crisp legal aspect.  A single color has been chosen to maintain the intended simplicity of the overall concept.  The dark blue is symbolic of traditional wet ink; yet keeps a technology, data, and virtual feel.  Concepts from the legacy design have been incorporated to demonstrate a connection to ESRA’s past and a continuation of the core values and mission of our organization.

ESRA Vision:  Positively impact consumers, businesses and government through the promotion of electronic signatures and records

ESRA Mission:  Globally, lead endeavors to advocate the use of electronic signatures and records, promote process efficiencies and provide educational resources to the public, businesses and government

You’ll be seeing more of our new brand in the coming weeks and months.  In fact, our annual conference, eSignRecords2014, will showcase our modern culture and renewed focus this November in New York City.  An updated website is currently being developed and will launch later this year; this site will enable ESRA to better serve our diverse membership by providing greater, easier access to resources and information.

In-House Counsel Examines Opportunities for Contracting Processes Reply

The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) has published an article by ESRA Board Member, Dan Puterbaugh. This online exclusive for ACC Docket addresses the perception of electronic process implementations from an attorney’s perception and the opportunities available.  Dan is director and associate general counsel at Adobe.

The Challenges of Electronic Signature Implementations

Electronic signatures have been legal and enforceable in the United States since the passage of the ESIGN Act in 2000. Electronic signatures provide an enormous opportunity for in-house counsel to facilitate speed, efficiency and reliability in the contracting process. Yet, many attorneys who have been trained in the “sign-it-in-blue-ink” school of signature gathering still regard electronic signatures with a wary eye…

Read the full article here.