ESRA Welcomes Its Newest Members 1

ESRA Press Release:
Membership growth highlights value of electronic processes across every industry

WASHINGTON, D.C., Aug. 12, 2014 – The Electronic Signature and Records Association (ESRA), the premier trade association representing electronic signature adopters and providers, recently welcomed several new members including Wells Fargo, US Bank, William Mills Agency, GoPaperless, iPipeline, Progress in Lending, Diamond Resorts International and RouteOne.

ESRA’s new members range from established companies and financial institutions, such as Wells Fargo and Diamond Resorts, a leader in hospitality and vacation ownership, to innovative technology providers such as GoPaperless, which provides paperless transactions, paperless document management and digital signatures for real estate and other industries.

“At GoPaperless, we share the ESRA vision to advocate the use of electronic signatures and records in order to positively impact consumers and businesses by making business transactions faster, more efficient and more secure,” said Mehrdad Alaei, CEO of GoPaperless.

“As a growing eSign and solutions provider, we are excited to be members of ESRA to help drive policy and adoption of these practices. “We will also be attending the eSignRecords Conference November 12 and13 in New York City as a vendor, meeting with peers and customers to talk about how we can help them in their business workflows.”

ESRA membership is open to all types of organizations and trade associations. Members receive access to the latest news and regulatory updates regarding electronic signatures and records. They also have the opportunity to become involved in various public policy initiatives and promote their organizations’ efforts and leadership by participating in ESRA-hosted events throughout the year.

“ESRA’s growing membership exemplifies an increasing desire for businesses within every industry to better understand how they can effectively apply electronic signatures and records to their organizations to more efficiently conduct business,” said Steve Bisbee, Membership Chair for ESRA and President and CEO at eOriginal. “ESRA provides a forum for organizations from various industries to unite under a common goal—furthering the adoption of electronic signature and records and helping professionals remain abreast of changing regulations. Our members have constant access to public policy updates, the latest news in technology and legal matters and the opportunity to learn from other businesses and agencies using electronic processes.”

ESRA is hosting its annual Summer Member Meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 27 in Seattle. Member organizations across several verticals—financial services, mortgage, insurance, automotive, healthcare, government and more—will gather to share business cases, applications and public policy updates around e-signatures and e-records.

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