How a Top 10 US bank is moving to paperless loan processing across 3000+ branches. Reply

With more than 250 billion in assets and 2,000 loans processed daily at its 3,000+ branches, this top 10 US bank was challenged with reducing the number of processing errors. Despite having completely automated its back-office operations with automated workflows and imaging, the loans were still being executed using pen and paper resulting in unintended errors and a series of ancillary problems and risks.

In a new case study by ESRA member Silanis, a senior level executive from the bank describes how they moved to paperless loan processing using e-signatures and the benefits they’ve seen to-date, including: 

Silanis Bullet 90% reduction in processing errors
Silanis Bullet 50% reduction in future risk exposure
Silanis Bullet 80% of document handling costs eliminated
Silanis Bullet Redeployment of 95,000 personnel hours per year
Silanis Bullet Improved customer experience and banker experience
Silanis Bullet Compliance requirements exceeded

Download the case study (PDF).

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