Where were you on National ESIGN Day? 6

From the Congressional Record…

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mr. MCDERMOTT. Madam Speaker, I rise to support the designation of June 30 as National ESIGN Day. National ESIGN Day will commemorate the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), which has transformed how interstate commerce and business is conducted.

The advent of e-signatures has brought immeasurable benefit to consumers and the business community, providing for increased consumer convenience, and reduced costs. E-signatures have significantly increased transaction speed and closure rates, saving time and money for businesses, and provide secure and predictable outcomes with fewer errors.

Recognizing June 30 as National ESIGN Day acknowledges the previous contribution made by the Congress to adopt modern solutions that keep our nation on the leading technological edge and reaffirms the Congress’s commitment to more efficient and environmentally conscious business practices.

I represent the city of Seattle—one of the world’s greatest technology hubs—where the Electronic Signatures Act has greatly enhanced the ability of companies to remain competitive and active with companies from around the globe.

The first agreement signed with electronic signatures by sovereign nations happened in 1998 between the United States and Ireland. Since then, electronic signature technology has significantly strengthened global communications. New strides are made every day in this area.

Just this past spring, the Federal Housing Administration announced that it will now accept e-signed third party documents which will help expedite real estate transactions. Less than two weeks ago, the Utah Supreme Court ruled to allow electronic signatures on petitions in the election process, becoming the first state in the nation to do so.

I would especially like to acknowledge Seattle-based electronic signature management platform provider DocuSign for being champions in the electronic signatures industry and for spearheading the coalition to mark June 30 as National ESIGN Day.

Dozens of industries and associations have offered their support for this resolution to celebrate the advancements that have been made in the past decade, and more importantly, to encourage even more rapid adoption of electronic signatures in the future.

This resolution enjoys the support of several companies and industry leaders, including DocuSign, Inc., Electronic Signature and Records Association, Consumer Mortgage Coalition, National Association of REALTORS, Insured Retirement Institute, CML America, USAA, Adobe Systems, Sallie Mae, Fidelity National Financial, Fiserv, eOriginal, Silanis Technology, AlphaTrust Corporation, AssureSign, LLC, Amica Mutual Insurance Company, First Marblehead, Flagstar Bank, Quicken Loans, IMM, Stewart Lender Services, Ellie Mae, MERS, MISMO, EverBank, SigniaDocs, Inc., Encomia, Direct Mortgage Corp., Digital Docs, Inc., Relevant Technologies, Magnolia Technologies, Simplifile, eSignSystems (a division of Wave Systems Corp.), Realtime Solutions Group, LLC, Lending Tree, and the Pennsylvania Association of Notaries.

This resolution honors the forethought and vision of those who worked to pass the landmark Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act ten years ago. The passage of that bill paved the way for American companies to operate globally, and it is truly a victory for every businesses and governmental agency looking to increase productivity and efficiency. Let us recognize June 30 as national ESIGN Day.

Editor’s note: Please include your ESIGN stories as comments below. Feel free to include links to online articles.


  1. To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the passing of the E-SIGN Act, Silanis Technology, the leader in Electronic Signature Process Management, today published a series of articles that provide organizations with answers to many questions regarding the real-world benefits, ROI and implementation of e-signatures. The articles are based on best practices that Silanis has gathered over its 18 years of experience deploying enterprise e-signature solutions across large insurance, financial services, government and other organizations.


  2. Settleware Secure Services, Inc. recognizes June as “National e-Sign Awareness Month” in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the passage of the US Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act and in an effort to increase awareness of the many benefits of e-Signatures. Businesses using Settleware’s eSigning platform share their reasons to celebrate.


  3. Yozons celebrated it by also celebrating its 10th year of offering web-based electronic signature software.

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