Producing persuasive electronic evidence. Reply

How to prevent and prepare for legal disputes involving electronic signatures and electronic transactions.

Legal disputes are an unfortunate reality for most businesses, whether engaged in wet ink or electronic signature processes. Having reliable business records helps to strengthen an organizations legal position if and when these disputes arise. On paper, missing or incomplete documentation puts organizations at risk.

Thankfully a new generation of technology, known as electronic signature process management, has emerged. This technology reduces an organization’s risk by enforcing compliant processes and capturing the strongest possible electronic evidence.

This has allowed Greg Casamento, of Locke Lord, to conclude that: “… a reasonably well designed process, which includes making sure the correct version of the mandated forms and state versions are used, supported by technology such as the Silanis solution, can reduce the authentication, repudiation, admissibility and compliance risk below the levels of traditional paper and wet ink process where there is not a reliable record of the entire transaction.”

Click here to download an article on this topic from ESRA member Silanis.

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