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Tools to Grow Your Business

With all of the technological advances today, it’s a wonder why real estate agents still get in their car and drive to meet their clients for every signature and initial.

Real estate is a business based on building relationships. Meeting and getting to know your client is an essential element to success.  Once that initial contact is made and you’ve met over coffee or a listing presentation, it’s time to get down to business.

Technology as a Tool

Many families consist of two full-time wage earners, coupled with a long list of responsibilities. There is commuting time, shopping time, work time, family time, social time and virtually no time to get all obligations met effectively. So consider the impact constant scheduling and meeting has on these busy, time-impaired clients. 

This is where technology comes to the rescue.  Employing e-signatures helps you improve your level of customer service and saves you and your clients time (no more driving around town for signatures or scheduling appointments to meet). Plus, you and your clients have the comfort of knowing your documents are safe, secure and legally binding.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

With the power of the Internet and email, an e-signature service can save you hours of valuable time each week—cutting the time in half to sign contracts, which is critical in a competitive market.

Making the sale is more important than ever. With an e-signature tool, you no longer need to drive to see a client every time you need a signature or initial.  You can stop the mindless hours spent sending and resending documents by fax, only to have the fax quality degrade making the documents illegible. An e-signature service eliminates the madness.

With an e-signature service, your clients are notified by email that they have documents to sign or initial. Through the Internet, your clients can quickly point and click their way through the document. And best of all, you’re ready to make that offer and win the sale in minutes—not hours. 

FACT:  With 80% of US households having a computer and 92% of those having Internet (and typically email), an e-signature service is a sound business tool to successfully conduct real estate transactions.

Do Your Homework

There are many e-signature providers, but it is wise to do your homework. There are federal laws that outline what makes an e-signature valid.  Be sure the service you choose is 100% compatible with ESIGN law requirements for a valid electronic signature so you are assured your documents are safe, accessible and meet federal acceptance guidelines.

FACT:  ESIGN law – Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act provides for electronic signatures to have the same validity as a wet (ink) signature. This act was signed into law by President Clinton in 2000—that’s 9 years ago!

An e-signature service saves you time and your customers will love the convenience.  In today’s global society, it’s easy to find an Internet connection and nearly everybody has email.  Your clients can sign from the comfort of their home, the convenience of their office or even from their mobile device while traveling across the globe.  You will not miss a beat in the sales cycle!

With today’s technology tools, you have the flexibility and convenience of the Internet to close your transactions faster saving you priceless hours while reaping client accolades. It’s clear an e-signature service is the must have tool for 2010.

Learn more about e-signatures and how they can improve your business by clicking here.

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