Electronic Signatures Available to Realtors® in 2010 1

Recently DocuSign®, the leading provider of on-demand electronic signature solutions and the National Association of Realtors® (NAR), the largest U.S. trade organization, announced a broad business and technology partnership.

The DocuSign eSignature Service is now the exclusive and official provider of ESIGN services for NAR and its 1.2 million members, under the association’s REALTOR Benefits® Program. NAR believes that the use of electronic signatures will be a game changer for its members and a key to success in 2010.

So what is the big deal about electronic signatures?

Simply put: using electronic signatures saves you time, adds immeasurable convenience for the client and accelerates the signing process. Leveraging the use of electronic signature services is a better way to conduct business.

Think about it. How often have you had to email a document to a client, then the client has to print, sign and find a fax machine to send it back? Or had to send a time sensitive document to a client that is constantly on the move due to business or away on vacation? How many times have you driven across town to get a client signature or a forgotten initial on a document? Or repeatedly re-faxed a document to a client because it is incomplete? And each time that document is faxed and re-faxed because of a missing initial here or a missing signature there, the quality and legibility degrade until you have a handful of papers with indistinguishable signatures. Eliminating this hassle is why electronic signatures are such a big deal.

Navigating the e-Signature Process

The electronic signature process is as simple as sending an email.

  • Simply drag and drop familiar yellow Sign Here tabs and data fields onto your document and enter the email address of the recipient. Click send.
  • The recipient receives an email notification that a document requires electronic signing.
  • The recipient is quickly authenticated, adopts a signature and is guided through the signing process.
  • When completed, you and the signer receive email notifications that the document is completed and are provided access to the final electronically signed document. That’s it!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Electronic signatures expedite and simplify the signing process. For example, with DocuSign, you can add automatic reminders for recipients to sign or include an automatic offer expiration date. Previously signed documents can be saved as templates so you can save additional time when sending the same documents time after time.

You have complete visibility and control. DocuSign leverages convenience through any Web browser. From the Internet, you can track your document in real-time so you know the who, what and when from anywhere, anytime. Your clients can sign from their living room, across town or from around the globe. All you need is Web access. Your can even sign from any mobile device! Never again make another trip across town to chase down a signature.

Imagine: no more printing. No more faxing. No more pushing paper.

Electronic Signatures: The Game Changer for 2010

Real estate professionals can leverage e-signing to achieve higher sales, increase client satisfaction and maintain a competitive edge. It’s safe and secure, legally binding and your client is guided through the process — eliminating the frustration of receiving incomplete documents and restarting the signing process.

And, e-signing is fast — taking minutes, not hours or days. It’s not uncommon to have a document sent, reviewed, signed and returned in less than 15 minutes. Electronic signing is a gamer changer and can give realtors the competitive edge they need to succeed in 2010 and beyond.

More and more realtors are recognizing the benefits of e-signing and are subscribing to an electronic signature service. DocuSign, the leading electronic signature service, has been used by more than 18,000 real estate professions to accelerate their business. So what are you waiting for? Get in the game!

NAR members can take advantage of a DocuSign-NAR promotion by visiting www.docusign.com/NAR.

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