eSignatures in Banking 1

Key Requirements Explained

Moving regulated, high-risk processes online is not a simple task, especially in an industry where hundreds and thousands of variations are possible due to the sheer number of products, documents and people involved. This paper discusses the key requirements of deploying e-signatures across multiple banking product lines, processes and channels.

Organizations will also learn how Silanis’ next-generation, e-signature process management solution responds to evolving customer and market demands for a more comprehensive solution that goes beyond simple signing to:

  • Execute transactions electronically from start to finish
  • Provide greater management, control and visibility of live transactions
  • Produce stronger legal evidence and auditing capabilities than with paper
  • Provide a flexible enterprise platform that can be scaled across all LOBs, products and channels
  • Enhance customer experience and ensure high user adoption
  • How to address the need for transferable records management and e-vaulting

Download the full 7-page article.

One comment

  1. Docusign/electronic signatures is essential for
    today’s business climate!

    FHA should recognize and accept this FACT!

    The underwriters for FHA, and appraisers already put TOO many roadblocks in the way of closing transactions!

    We hope the UNITED EFFORT will bring the necessary changes!


    Doris J. Bohren, Realtor

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