Sep 3: Webcast Reply

Electronic Signatures to Expedite Compliance with New TILA Disclosure

Under the Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act of 2008 (MDIA) lenders must formulate new lending practices to meet the TILA disclosure requirements that went into effect July, 30 2009. While the amendment provides additional protection for the consumer, it may postpone closing dates and the ability to receive funding on the day they originally planned for closing.

Join eOriginal for a Live Webcast on Thursday, September 3rd at 2:00 pm EDT. During the 50-minute live webcast, Ms. Margo Tank, a partner of BuckleySandler, LLP, and Mr. Stephen Bisbee, CEO of eOriginal Inc., will draw upon their experiences in the integration of electronic delivery and signatures to answer various questions including:

  • How can electronic delivery of disclosures allow lenders to reduce the required three day delivery period to same day?
  • How does an electronic disclosure delivery and signature solution accelerate collection of application, appraisal and other fees?
  • Strategies for meeting the 3/7/3 Rule’s electronic receipt requirements
  • Complying with ESIGN under the new rules
  • What are the other cost savings factors for “going electronic” in addition to closing the gap on disclosures and re-disclosures?

Learn more and register here.

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