Electronic Signatures Turn Business Green Reply

…But Not With Envy

Using an electronic signature process results in a “greener” company…in more ways than one.

From an environmental perspective, paper has been eliminated and mailings are reduced. There are less resources being consumed, yet more contracts are being signed. That’s the other “green”.

Sales reps close deals faster, and customers will use your products and/or services much quicker. Repeat orders come in rapidly, which means your company is moving products faster and your customer satisfaction levels are higher.

All of this happens because of the efficiencies gained through the use of electronic signing. Besides the benefits listed here, upgrading your paper process to an electronic one also adds more flexibility and cash flow into your existing infrastructure.

Resources and funds are now able to be allocated towards something other than filing, maintaining or storing documents. And, because of the increase in productivity most businesses find themselves able to move ahead in directions they thought would have been years away while using a paper process.

Faster contract close times, a lighter environmental footprint and more satisfied customers are the benefits you can look forward to when adding electronic signatures. Actually, using an electronic signing process may make your competition turn green…with envy, if they are still using paper to close deals.

by Frank Dijulio, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, eOriginal

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