Digital Signatures Make Northwest Aerospace Technologies’ Workflow Soar Reply

Northwest Aerospace Technologies, Inc. (NAT), an engineering services company specializing in large transport category aircraft modification programs, was interested in streamlining, expediting, and cutting costs related to their AutoCAD drawing approval process, and additional departmental workflows. Since it was an enterprise-wide requirement, the solution needed to be scalable and deployable for multiple departments throughout the company, in multiple locations. The solution NAT implemented also had to be compliant with Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) Advisory Circular 120-78, which calls for the integrity and authenticity of electronic records.

aerospaceThe implementation of an enterprise-wide digital signature (standard electronic signature) solution that allowed the company to upgrade to a more agile workflow that fully satisfied all regulatory compliance.

By implementing the CoSign® digital signature solution within their Engineering department, NAT overhauled its workflow, improving it significantly. In addition to enabling NAT’s 55 engineers the ability to digitally sign their engineering drawings with a standard digital signature, CoSign fell in line with NAT’s compliance issues and satisfied their organizational requirements for scalability and multiple location deployment. Utilizing CoSign permitted the engineering documents to remain electronic through the entire signing processes, allowing for expedited workflow, e-archiving, and communication with their client base. NAT predicted a 60% reduction in the number of printed documents in additional departmental workflows once CoSign was deployed throughout the enterprise.

The quantifiable outcomes of NAT’s CoSign deployment have been noteworthy. By utilizing CoSign digital signatures, NAT has been able to digitally sign hundreds of documents a month, placing as many as 7 signatures on each document. The ease with which documentation is routed has expedited the engineering documentation process from days to minutes, allowing the engineers to process their overall workload at much faster pace.

More information:, Gadi Aharoni, 415-839-8161,

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