Transamerica Financial Advisors Adds eSignature Solution to Complete ‘TFA Synergy’ Paperless Process Reply

When Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc. (TFA) launched its TFA Synergy initiative in early 2007, the goal was to eliminate paper-driven processes for TFA’s staff and its independent financial advisors through a seamless, completely electronic document management platform.

Initially, the project incorporated three of the five major components that comprise TFA’s straight-through-processing system: automated account opening, Web-based electronic document management and automated compliance review. The fourth component, electronic signatures, was needed to eliminate the time consuming,
costly practice of printing and shipping documents to obtain required signatures. Electronic submission of mutual fund transactions is the fifth element currently being tested for deployment in the second half of 2008.

In January 2008, TFA selected Interlink Electronics of Camarillo, Calif., to provide its eSignature solutions to TFA Synergy. With the addition of the ePad electronic signature capture device and the IntegriSign Emcee eSigning server, TFA’s independent representatives can now eSign anywhere—in-office, in-field or even online—finally making the entire financial transaction process entirely paperless.

According to Sandy Brown, president of TFA, “Adding eSignature technology to the TFA Synergy platform ensures that the reps can fully leverage the paperless office platform that TFA has created. An essential process that begins electronically can now remain electronic and completely paperless.”

The result is a huge reduction in operating costs, processing time, and the space needed for document storage. TFA Synergy leads to higher revenues, increased customer satisfaction, and ultimately a richer bottom line for the paperless, fully automated processor.

More information:, Nathalie Benoit, 805-484-8855 x121,

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