Leading Behavioral Health Services Provider Finds Electronic Medical Records Success with Electronic Signature Capture Reply

Having already implemented electronic medical records (EMR), a Glendale, Arizona-based provider of outpatient juvenile behavioral therapy and violence prevention was poised to eliminate paper charts and expensive file systems in favor of digitally-managed documents. Soon after the conversion, however, they encountered a challenge that many EMR adopters face: Federal and State regulations still require signatures on some documentation.

After initially relying on a wasteful, time-consuming process that required employees to print documents, have them signed, and then scan the signed documents back into the system, they turned to their software vendor for a more cost effective and efficient solution. The vendor recommended electronic signature capture pads from Topaz Systems.

The behavioral health services provider found the electronic signature capture pads to be an accessible and easy to use solution to their regulatory problem. They soon deployed the pads to their physicians’ offices, intake offices, and field workforce to facilitate the electronic capture of care givers’ and providers’ signatures. By allowing employees to attach legally-binding, HIPAA compliant electronic signatures to digital documents, electronic signature capture has streamlined processing, reduced costs, and improved the patient experience.

“Our old process was to go to clients’ homes, come back to the office, write up notes, then schedule another appointment at the client’s home, bring two copies of the notes, and get signatures,” explains the IT Director for the behavioral health services provider. “Now, it is a one-day process. They have allowed us to minimize the number of trips and work with more clients.”

Since deploying the electronic signature capture devices, the behavioral health services provider has distinguished itself as an industry trailblazer. In 2008, they received national recognition from the Computerworld Honors Program for their achievements in using information technology to benefit society.

More information: www.topazsystems.com, Julie Cleland, 800-423-8826 ext. 334, julie_c@ctstl.com

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