Hope 139 Finds Electronic Signature Technology to be a Perfect Solution for Virtual Company Needs Reply

Hope 139 is a company that works with schools, corporations and professional athletes to maximize cognitive functioning through a variety of brain training exercises using biofeedback/neurofeedback. As a virtual company that does business primarily with individuals and families, not businesses, they found the traditional method of relying on fax machines to get signed contracts was not working for them. Most of their prospective clients don’t have fax machines in their homes, and the extensive travel schedules of Hope 139’s corporate team made it difficult to receive and distribute contracts via traditional means.

Hope 139 began using AssureSign’s Biometric Electronic Signature solution in the spring of 2008. This Web-based product enabled Hope 139 to go paperless and improve its efficiency by reducing the time it takes to execute training agreements from about one day to just 10 minutes, according to company president Bradley J. Oostindie. “It’s the perfect solution for our business model, and client reaction has been very positive,” he said. “They appreciate the speed with which we’re able to respond to their needs using this technology, and they find it convenient and easy to use. It certainly helps show others the highly professional nature of our company.”

By eliminating the fax machine from the signing process, families are able to hand-sign contracts from their home PC using just their mouse and an internet connection, and the Hope 139 staff is immediately sent copies of the signed contracts . . . no matter where they might be at the time.

For more info: www.assuresign.com, Larry Torri, 678-523-5462, larry.torri@assuresign.com

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